Appropriate Uses of Auto Title Loans

An Auto Title Loan should only be used as a short-term loan to solve an immediate need. The following are some examples of appropriate uses for Auto Title Loans:

  1. Consumers who have a sudden and unexpected need for cash due to common financial challenges like medical emergencies, vehicle repairs, divorce, job changes or other unexpected expenses.

  2. Self-employed small business owners with an immediate need for short-term working capital.

  3. Consumers who, because of low credit ratings, don't have access to traditional credit-based lenders, like banks, credit card companies, credit unions and small loan companies.

  4. Consumers who need a small amount of cash immediately and don't have time to wait for a bank to approve a loan. Banks and similar lending institutions are not always able to accommodate such requests.

  5. Consumers who see this service as a sensible alternative to bounced check fees, late fees or wire transfer fees.

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